Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Home for Aids Orphans and abandonned Handicapped Children

The “Centre de L'Espoir”(Center of Hope)Orphanage received its certificate of incorporation in 2000 and was awarded a certificate to commence operation at that time.

The orphanage provides parental care to children, moderate shelter, basic health care, counseling, food, education, training in trades, and management of income generating activities to 25 orphans and handicapp children from the slums of the Yassa and Pk 18 communities of Douala in the Littoral Region of Cameroon.
It has a permanent staff of house parents, teacher, social workers, kitchen staff, and a domestic staff. Millions of children are orphaned as a result of disasters – natural or human made - economic and social distress, floods, earthquakes, wars and famines. These children now face a dismal life, where the chance of entering education and fulfilling their dreams is taken over by the struggle to find enough food to even fulfil their hunger. In Cameroon alone there are over a million orphans from AIDS. A generation of children growing up without their parents, leaving aged grandparents to try and support 10 or more grandchildren. Many times there are no surviving relatives and that is how the Restoration of Hope Children’s Home was created. No community is immune to the ravages of AIDS, no village free from its devastating effects. As members of the world community we are not exempt from the responsibilities this human tragedy brings. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, and medically it is one of the deadliest diseases, if not the deadliest, ever to strike the human race.We must see that the story of AIDS is not about epidemiology, economics, or statistics. Rather, it is the story of guilt, pain, fear and neglect. In Africa the extended family has always been strong and has provided for orphan children. Now however, due to the magnitude of the epidemic there is no extended family to provide care.Although we can ne Millions of children in Africa, AIDS has stripped them of that precious family childhood. ver replace what those children have lost, we can help to give them a home, a family and a better chance in life.
“Centre de L'Espoir” is situated in the littoral province of Cameroon provides parental care, moderate shelter, basic health care, food, education, training in trades, and management of income generating activities to 25 orphans and handicapp children from the slumps of Yassa and Pk 18 of Douala in the Littoral Region of Cameroon. Counseling is provided to others as well . The Restoration of Hope Children's Home Cameroon is bringing help, hope and a new life to children in some of the poorest Villages in Cameroon. These children live in the margins of society and are in danger of death by starvation, exposure and illness as well as the constant danger of exploitation by those who prey on the powerless. We rescue these children and bring them into our home where they are clothed, fed, given medical treatment, educated and most of all...LOVED.
At 18 we will know and identify who u will still assisting depending on what is doing.
Food is provided for the staff and volunteers in the area next to the kitchen which is outside the main building.. However, cooking facilities are not availaible for the moment because we use the classical African method of using three stone cooking method .

No smoking is permitted on the ophanage grounds.

How Can You Help?

Donations will pay to refurbish existing buildings with new electrical and sanitation systems along with a new interior with fridges, rents and furniture for 25 children and their caregivers .ROHCIH is attempting to provide a loving home for aids orphans, abused children and abadonned handicapped children.

Contibute to the children's Education Fund:
When the Restoration of Hope Children's home was created, its main aim was to provide parental care, moderate shelter, basic health care, food, education, training in trades, and management of income generating activities to 25 orphans and handicapp children from the slumps of Yassa and Pk 18 of Douala in the Littoral Region of Cameroon.While this home has brought enormous joy and hope to the orphange and its supporters, it has also brought challenges. One such challenge is the future – what the children will do with the rest of their lives.To send a child to high school or college costs at least US$1,200 a year – for tuition, room and board. This is because while public school education is “free” in Cameroon, students have to supply their own books, uniforms, beds, and desks. Thus, public schools can often cost as much as private school.Because of this, NEST OF HOPE CAMEROON has begun the Children’s Education Fund to help these children go to school.

Help the Caregivers of the Restoration of Hope Children's Home
With a financial sponsorship, you can be an important part of helping these women support themselves and their children.

Volunteer/Visit Program
The main objective of the volunteer programs is to provide supplementary support to the staff with the aim of helping the children grow socially, intellectually, academically, spiritually and physically.
REQUIREMENTS: Prospective volunteers must be at least 21 years of age, in good health and be able to perform physical labor in a hot and remote area. Applicants also need to provide the following:

• current resume or CV
• proof of a recent (less than one year old) physical exam
• completed criminal background check
• proof of health insurance coverage
• recommended vaccinations and medications


  1. i see this post is quite old, so just wanted to know if u still accept volunteers fr the ground work in cameroon.. greetings from india

    1. if u do, cud u direct me on the procedure..

  2. I am also interested in learning how to volunteer. I have teaching experience as well as experience with construction and am a good manual laborer.

  3. I am interested to volunteer.
    I am from India
    Previous experience in manual laborer and construction

  4. Dear Helen,

    if you still looking for volunteers, please, contact me on vz17@uni.brighton.ac.uk.

    I am a student of the Master degree in Tourism and International Development who is looking for experience, the best time would be in summer. I am particularly looking for a charity which focuses on keeping cultural roots of local community.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.


  5. Helen How do I contact the organisation?

  6. Dear Helen I am a qualified social worker and have 20 years experience of working with children and adults with learning difficulties. I would really love to volunteer for your organization. Although I am 54 I have bags of energy and enthusiasm and have always wanted to volunteer abroad in a caring capacity. Could you let me know how I go about applying to volunteer please Many thanks Jackie Munro